About Me

I love life and I love helping people. I am the most positive and motivated person I know. And I want to use my endless enthusiasm and energy to help you.

I’m a director of Armour Marketing Ltd, a sales & marketing consultancy which specialises in sales & marketing troubleshooting and training to help your business get more attention.

Check out my Win More Business Academy where you get access to all 62 of my Monday Motivation audios and loads of sales and marketing courses to help you build and grow your business!

I’m also a non-executive director of Nominet. Nominet is the central Registry for all .uk domain names and manages over 10.5 million domain names.

I’ve spent the last 34 years working with thousands of small to medium sized businesses, helping them solve many of the mysteries of the Internet, business and sales & marketing. At our Business Mentors Club meetings I’ve been privileged to work along side some incredible entrepreneurs and business owners just like you. Over this time the same issue cropped up again and again. People need motivating.

And that’s why I created and set up Monday Motivation – for you. I want to help motivate you each and every day to become who you want to be, to have all the things in life you want and to do all the things in life you want to do. With enough motivation, fueled with your passion and followed up with all out, massive action, you really can achieve whatever you want in life.

I’m also an author and have written 3 books; two business and one fiction.

31 Mistakes Every Online Business Makes – 31 Mistakes

Tips On Periscope – Tips on Periscope

My Crime Thriller – The Habit

I’m in the process of writing my 3rd business book, all about sales called “Where’s The Buffalo?”

Please get in touch if you have any questions.